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WE are digital media company, providing wide list of services in digital, marketing and intelligent technologies

what we do

we offer all possible PR-services including positioning of the company, product or service, increase and support the level of reputation and recognition, creation and popularization of positive image and many others.
Social media marketing
we also provide SMM-services, such as writing and promotion thematic posts in social networks, cooperation with the social media, management pages and accounts of our partners in social networks and others.
Publishing services: layout, design and publication of books, magazines, brochures, promotional items and other types of printed matter.
Marketing services, which our partners can get: Diagnostics Market, identification of the target audience, lateral targeting and others.
we are ready to provide technical and staff resources for Production needs of our partners. We realise photo and video shooting, create design and carry out other activities of production.
our team provides Branding services: creation and promotion of brand concept, logo design, brand monitoring, evaluation of its effectiveness and others.

our work

video production
Interactive promo video for Deep Knowledge Ventures
video production
Interactive promo video for Insilico Nvidia GPU


and 100 others

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